Text Box: Shirley’s Sugar Bowl

Dear Members,

                 We must all remain strong through this troubling world.  We are all in this together.  Governor Greg Abbott said that Texans in many parts of the state will be able next month to visit stores and allow distancing.  He is raising expectiations that his coronavirus order will be relaxed some.  It has really been hard for us.  We are trying to do the best we can with the takeout orders for food.  With the golf carts, it is one person to a cart.  We have to disinfect all the carts where people will touch them, and we run out of carts all of the time.  Two people in the same household can ride together but mostly it’s one to a cart.  The water containers have all been removed as well as the ball washers and rakes for the sand traps—even the flag pins cannot be removed.  So you can see what we are going through.  Most of our takeout orders for food had some extra candy in them.  That was our Easter Egg Hunt candy which was cancelled.  Hope you enjoyed it.

                 Our “thanks” to Jim and Cheryl Lahar for all they do for us.  They are always showering us with Easter Lilies, candy, homemade bread and hand lotion.  Gail Walker gave us a beautiful hanging basket and Barbara and Earl Sargent gave us some delicious shelled pecans which we loved.  Thank you all so much.

                 For the past several weeks when Alfonso is not making the apricot fried pies or helping me with the flower beds, you will find him working on all of the sand traps.  He has them looking great.  Thomas is keeping the greens mowed very nicely and John and Allen are on the big tractors keeping the grass mowed.  With all the rain it has been a big job!  Thanks so much!!

                 We are praying for John Christian to get well.  He is back in the hospital.  Barbara can only talk with the nurses.  Keep him in your prayers.

                 Blessings  to you and your loved ones during these difficult days.  We pray that you stay healthy.

                                  God bless,

                                  Charles & Shirley


                 My prayer for this month:

                 “The Lord, your God, you shall worship; then I will bless your food and drink, and I will remove all sickness from your midst.”  Exodus 23:25


Text Box: May Dining Specials
Text Box: From Your
Course Superintendent 
John Williams

Welcome to our New Members!




Zack & Julie Hyde

Jonathan & Amberly Cox

                 Spring has sprung, but winter just won’t quite let go just yet. We are certainly sitting at the starting line waiting on mother nature to start the race. It also doesn’t help to get a frost on the traditional tax day. The cold spells of the last several weekends have slowed the growth quite a bit, but a few warm days and we will be off and running.

                 In the last month we have been focusing a lot of attention on the roughs as we were only able to get herbicide sprayed on the primary areas. We have also begun weekly mowing of the tees, green surrounds, and fairways. Alfonso has done a phenomenal job reconditioning the bunkers, and should we ever get the restrictions on rakes removed we can have them back in use.

                 In the next month, surely to goodness, we will be in a regular routine of mowing. We will also, when the grass coverage is sufficient, complete the first pencil tine aerification of the greens, as well as topdressing, and verticutting. We will also be addressing some irrigation issues that have popped up in the winter. As always, we look forward to seeing you out on the course.

Text Box: In Memory 
Sharon Fox

Sunday, May 3th...Chicken Almandine or Meatloaf


Thursday, May 7th...Chicken Fried Steak


Sunday, May 10th...Mother’s Day (See front page)


Thursday, May 14th...King Ranch Chicken Casserole


Sunday, May 17th...Chicken Fried Steak or

                                                                    Chicken Parmesan

Thursday, May 21st...Fried Catfish


Sunday, May 24th...Chicken Spaghetti or

                                  Braised Beef Roast with Vegetables

Thursday, May 28th...Merlot Glazed Ham


Sunday, May 31st...French Brisket or

                                                   Fried Chicken Tenders

Please order one day in advance...