In this world full of uncertainty all of us at Webb Hill are hoping everyone is staying safe and careful. Let’s all get through this together. I am sure the club will be open soon   for all events and making everyone happy. Thank you for those that have been supporting the club through the takeout food orders. I know Shirley, Scott, and Alfonso have been working so hard to make all those delicious meals for everyone to enjoy.                                                            We also appreciate everyone that has still been using for the golf course and following all of the rules and regulations set up by the county for us to remain open. We are still expecting our new fleet of carts to be in sometime in the very near future...they may even be here by the time you receive this newsletter. This will help everything a great deal as this one person per car rule is really putting a strain on our fleet by trying to accommodate everyone. So with the arrival of the new cart fleet, we will be asking everyone to pay particular attention to helping to take care of them.  If you see anyone abusing any of the carts, we hope you will report them, so we can try to keep these people from being on the hill and tearing up new things.
                 The weather conditions were so tough again this  spring with all the rain and then the up-and-down temperatures.  This made it difficult for our crew to try to get caught up on everything. Trust me, our maintenance staff is working very hard and very long hours to try to get our golf course back in great shape.                                                                                                Unfortunately there are not many things to report golf wise as just about all of the events we have scheduled have been either canceled or rescheduled for a later date. Once we are able to open full-time, hopefully sometime this summer, we will be happy to host all of your events!                                                               So remember, the golf course is open with some restrictions but there is definitely Golf being played. Please keep in mind, we are here to help you in anyway we can and we wish for all of our members to know you are part of our family. Wishing everyone to stay safe, and let’s follow the rules folks.                               


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                 Our swimming pool will open Saturday, May 23rd.  The pool will be open each Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. daily and Sundays from 1:00 until 7:00.  The pool is closed on Mondays.  There is NO lifeguard on duty.

Swimming Pool Rules:

For your safety  and enjoyment, please obey the following established pool rules:

1. All persons-members and guests-in bathing suits, must register in the golf shop.

2. Any persons who are not members or members of the immediate family shall be considered guests.  All member’s guests must be registered.

3. Guest fees are $5.00.

4. There will be no swimming except during regular pool hours.

5. There will be no large or dangerous objects allowed in the pool at anytime.

6. No glass is permitted in the pool area.

7. Rough play and running are not permitted in or out of the pool.

8. Children 10 years of age and under are not allowed in the pool area unless accompanied by an adult.


Text Box: 2020 Pool Opening!

                 Well, to say these are challenging times would be an understatement!  The “new normal” seems to change on a regular basis.  Thank you all so much for your understanding as we all go through this difficult and uncertain time. 

                 Hopefully, we are nearing the end of the “shelter in place” guidelines and better days are ahead.  We appreciate so much all of the support you have given the club since the “takeout only” order was issued.  We truly feel blessed!  We had tremendous response to our Easter takeout with 170 plates prepared.  This is a far cry from what we would normally serve at a holiday (usually 450 guests) but wonderful nonetheless for our first endeavor delving into takeout service.  We’ve learned a LOT during this past month and appreciate, so much, your understanding as we have tried to “figure it out”. 

                 This newsletter is still completely geared to pick-up orders only.  Should the guidelines be lifted, I’ll do my best to update what has changed via our website and Facebook.  It is my understanding, though, that social distancing will be around for a while, meaning we will be limited as to dine-in options.  I’m saying a prayer that guidelines will be eased a bit by June.

                 We are planning several delicious options for you for Mother’s Day (on the front page).  Please order as early as possible so that we can secure enough ingredients.  As I’m sure you all know, the grocery stores are still having difficulty keeping up with demand and in many cases limiting quantities purchased.

                 At this time, we are planning to go forth with the pool opening on Saturday, May 23rd.  We will be limiting the number of guests allowed in the pool area in accordance with social distancing guidelines  As with everything in this newsletter, this too is subject to change…

                 On a bright note...we are still allowed to keep the golf course open!  We’ve had to make several adjustments along the way but things seem to be going well.  The course has greened up nicely and the rains have waned a bit allowing maintenance to begin to get caught up on mowing.  I was just out this afternoon on the course and they have made GREAT strides getting the spring growth knocked down.  John also sprayed his first round of fertilizer this week on the greens and it made a huge difference. 

                 We are waiting for our new fleet of Club Car Carts to arrive.  Although the economic down turn due to the virus has hurt finances, we are optimistic about the future and are looking forward to offering the beautiful new carts for your enjoyment!

                 Place a takeout order and come and see us!  It’s worth the ride to come to the Hill!  Stay safe and well.





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